This lease is regulated by the conditions set out in the contract and by the following general conditions:


This lease has been executed for a temporary and tourist residence.  The premises cannot be utilized as main residence or even as secondary residence and the tenant may not carry out in them any commercial, craftsmanlike or professional activities.
Therefore the contract will be governed by the provisions of article 1713 and following ones of the French Civil Code as well as by the provisions of this document.


This lease is granted and accepted for the period from …………… to …………………..
The lease lapses by law at the expiry of the period stated in the contract, without any need for a notice to quit. The lease many not be extended without the assent of the landlord.


– Tenant’s reservation
The tenant who makes a reservation accepts the terms of this contract either at the time he/she pays the advance, which also acts as a confirmation, or, in case of a late reservation, upon the payment of the rent. The balance of the rent is payable at the time of delivering the keys upon arrival.
– Confirmation of the landlord
Within 15 days from receiving the payment of the reservation, the landlord sends an e-mail:
– Confirming the tenant the availability of the premises, in which case the commitment of the parties becomes final.
– Returning integrally to the tenant the paid up money, in case the premises the tenant has chosen are no longer available for the chosen period.
Upon express request of the tenant, and under previous agreement of the parties, the landlord may keep the said money for the rent of other premises or for another period, confirming immediately, in this case, the conditions of the new lease in another contract.


In case the lease is cancelled more than 60 days before the beginning of the stay, the advance will be refunded, after deducting 10% for reservation charges. If the cancellation takes place 30 days before the beginning of the stay, only 50% of the advance will be refunded. If the cancellation takes place less than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, no refund is provided for. If it is the landlord who cancels the contract, the advance will be refunded integrally, including any reservation or payment charges.


This lease is granted and accepted for the rent of ……….……… euros, charges included. The balance of the rent is paid by the tenant upon delivery of the keys.
Upon arrival, upon delivery of the keys, even if it is automated, the tenant may be requested to pay directly to the landlord, or in specific box, an amount of money, as defined in the contract, as security money, for any damages caused to the furniture or items of furnishing of the subject premises.
The tenant commits to replace any item that is lost, broken or damaged or to refund its value to the landlord.
Such security money, which does not bear interests, may in no case be considered as part of the rent payment.
The security money will be returned, within a maximum period of two months from the return of the keys, after deduction of any repairs to the premises.
A flat sum will be deducted from the security money for cleaning the premises. Its amount will be defined in the contract.
Returning the keys to the landlord at the end of the lease does not mean that the latter waives the compensations for repairs to the premises, if the damages have been caused by the tenant, or if the tenant, upon taking delivery of the premises, has not reported to the landlord any pre-existing damages the tenant is not responsible for.


All the payments pertaining to the lease will be effected at the domicile of the landlord or in another place of his choice.
The landlord is obliged to deliver free of charge a receipt for the rent to the tenant who expressly asks for it. Such receipt will specify the sums paid by the tenant.
The parties agree that the charges that can be claimed from the tenant are those provided for by the French decree no. 87-713 dated August 26th, 1987.
The tenant is obliged to pay the taxes and duties that are for his/her account and to give evidence to the landlord of this payment before leaving the premises.


The premises that form the object of this lease may not, for any reason, be occupied by a number of persons higher than the one stated in the contract, unless otherwise agreed with the landlord. If this happen, the landlord may claim extra rent or prevent entry to the premises.


The tenant, as such, must be insured against the risks he/she is directly responsible for, i.e. fire, theft, explosion, water damages both for the premises and the furniture that comes with them, as well as against claims from the neighbors, and give evidence of it to the landlord upon delivery of the keys. This is complied with by delivering to the landlord a certificate of the insurer or of its representative. In case of an accident the landlord declines any responsibility for the claims of his/her insurance company against the tenant.


– The tenant commits to occupy the premises only for housing purposes, excluding, therefore, the exercise of any commercial, professional or industrial activity, and acknowledges that the lease is granted only for temporary and tourist residence, condition without which no lease contract would have been signed.
– The tenant commits him/herself, the members of his/her family and any connected third party, not to disturb the quiet of the neighbors and of the other tenants.
– In case of a lease in a collective building, the tenant must comply, as occupier of the premises, with the current internal regulations.
– The tenant must occupy the premises personally and may not, in any case, sublet them, even for no charge, or transfer the rights of this lease, unless otherwise previously agreed with the landlord.
– The tenant may not in any way add furniture, except for linen and some small objects.
– The tenant may not bring in any pet in the leased premises without the consent of the landlord, and in this case he/she will take care that the animal does not damage the building nor disturb the neighbors.
– The tenant must allow, without claiming any compensation, the execution in the premises of urgent works that cannot be postponed, improvements to the common and private parts of the building, as well as the works needed for the regular maintenance, under reserve of enforcement of the provisions of art. 1724 of the French Civil Code.
– The tenant must maintain the premises and return them in a good condition of cleanliness and of lease repairs at the end of the stay.
– The tenant must inform the landlord immediately of any accident or deterioration that take place in the premises, even if the damage is not visible.
– The tenant is responsible for the damages or losses caused during his/her stay by any occupier of the premises, unless he/she can prove the force majeure, the responsibility of the landlord or of a third party who has entered the premises without the leave of the tenant.
– If the tenant, for any reason, returns the premises on a date later than the agreed date, he/she will be obliged to pay a penalty, for each day of delay, equal to three times the daily rent of the lease. Such penalty gives the tenant no rights to remain in the premises and becomes the property of the landlord by way of compensation, but the landlord remains entitled to any damages or interests.


– The landlord must deliver the premises in good conditions, with the equipment mentioned in the contract that is in perfect working order.
– The landlord must ensure the tenant of a pleasant stay avoiding any faults and defects that could jeopardize it.
– The landlord must maintain the premises so that they are suitable for the use they are meant for.
– The landlord must not carry out works in the leased premises during the stay of the tenant, except in urgent cases.


For the execution of this contract, the parties will elect their domicile at the respective addresses listed in the contract or given at the time of the reservation.


The expenses for this contract will be for the tenant’s account.